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I’m Heather Joy. I’ve been married for since 2005, mothering since 2006, and an artist of some form or another my whole little life of 27 years.


(my husband Levi and I)


(the three people I get to mother)

And this is where it all goes down.

I love to collect good stuff, mostly in the form of words and images. So this is where you get to hear about it…the good, the best (in my opinion) and the awesomeness. I like to keep it practical, because what’s the point of a good idea if you can’t actually put in into practice, right? But then I’ll be the first to admit that life is quite messy, and I’m not about to pretend like I can tell you how to clean it up, only offer up what I’ve learned about bringing beauty into chaos…and making time to enjoy it, too.

Please leave comments with any topics you would love to read about, or questions you have about me.